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Image Consent Form

The Brittle Bone Society would like to use photographs of you for promotional and/or publicity purposes. These images may appear in any promotional or publicity materials (hard or electronic formats) produced by us.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission to use any photographs of you. Please answer questions below, then check the appropriate box and date the form where shown.   


 I confirm

Conditions of use

  1. I acknowledge that this form is valid for five years from the date of signing and that my consent will automatically expire after this time.
  2. I agree that the Society will not re-use any images after this time, but any material that has already been produced will not be withdrawn.
  3. I confirm that I have no criminal convictions or criminal cases pending against me (excluding driving offences) and have not previously been involved in any benefit fraud, or any jobs/activities that would cause ill-repute to the Society.
  4. I accept that the Society will not include personal email or postal addresses, or telephone or fax numbers on the Society’s website or in any promotional or publicity materials.
  5. I agree that the Society does not accept any responsibility if I AM recognised from the image by members of the public.
  6. I agree that the Society may use group images with very general labels, such as ‘A group meeting’ etc.
  7. I agree that the copyright of all photographs/film remains with the photographer, unless otherwise agreed.

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