Terrific Triathlon in aid of the BBS

On 29th October 2016 Erin and Neve did a triathlon to raise money for the Brittle Bone Society. Please see below a report the girls sent in to the BBS and to their neighbours who supported them in their fundraising.

Let them eat cake!

The Marshall Family and their local community came together to hold their renowned Coffee Morning for the 14th time! Everyone chipped in with their baking skills and donating raffle prizes. The morning was (as always) a great success raising £736 so far, which included a £50 donation from the local Inner Wheel Club.



The Great West Run

In May this year Alastair Melville & his friend Richard decided to take on the Great West Run and promised his daughter Isabelle that he would fundraise for the BBS in the process. They both finished the 13.1 mile route in 2 hours and 20 mins and at last count raised £751.25. Well done guys!


The Great Scottish Run

This October Fiona Holmes ran 13.1 through the streets of Glasgow for the BBS.

“In the past 6 years the Brittle Bone Society has always been a support and has introduced us to some great friends in the same position as my family and who don't judge.  I wanted to run the Glasgow Half Marathon in aid of the Brittle Bone Society to try to raise awareness and to give back a little and to say thank you.  I also wanted to prove that having Osteogenesis Imperfecta doesn't mean I can't achieve the things in life that I want to.”

Well Fiona gave back a lot and raised an amazing £641.30 – we are all so proud of her achievement and determination to cross the finish line.  


Fundraising from the skies

Jumping out of a plane has always been No.1 on Bradley Pattrick’s Bucket List, so when he decided to cross it off his list this September he figured he may as well raise some cash for the BBS at the same time. Bradley, like many others, picked the BBS because his family are affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta and he wanted to do his bit for the Charity. Bradley had the time of his life and raised £1,030.50!


Scottish Half Marathon


Winner of the 2016 BBS Family Affair award Andrew Perry and his friend Jack McCabe have both been training hard for months in preparation for the Scottish Half Marathon which took place in September.

The Perry’s have been active and enthusiastic members of the BBS ever since their little girl Mila was diagnosed with OI. 

“The Brittle Bone Society has offered indispensable support to my Family and I over the last 12 months. I have experienced first-hand the support they can offer and without them the World would be a much scarier place for us”

Jack finished in 1.53 and Andrew in 2.12. Together the guys have raised a staggering £4,146! Fantastic Fundraising!


100km Thames Path Challenge 

Inspired by his wife’s bright and obsessed with flying nephew - who lives with the everyday struggles of OI - Geoff Johnstone took part in the Thames Path Challenge to raise money & awareness this September. Despite some setbacks in his training, Geoff, with encouragement from his support crew managed to complete the 100km walk from Putney to Henley in 26 hours and 52 minutes! Smashing his target and raising a fantastic £2,966.82 along the way.


Dragon Clay Club Charity Shoot

For the past 11 years the Siegler Family, Mrs Shore and the local Dragon Clay Club (DCC) have been consistently supporting the BBS through their Annual Charity Shoot. The fundraiser is held every year on farmland Mrs Shore kindly donates to the DCC to host the Shoot. This year the BBS along with the Phoenix Stroke Club were nominated to benefit from the fundraiser and received an amazing cheque worth £1,600. This took the total fundraising amount over the last 11 years to a staggering £16,600! The BBS are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to this fantastic figure.Dragon_Clay_Club.JPG

Manvers Dusk till Dawn Run

July was indeed a busy month for BBS Fundraisers! We finished the month off with Mark Lane’s Dusk till Dawn Run. Mark managed to complete 8 laps of the 3.21 mile circuit starting at 6pm and persevering till just after midnight. Mark chose the Brittle Bone Society because his sister-in-law lives with Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

“My partner and her family know what the Brittle Bone Society does and they’ve helped them out a lot. It’s something that is really close to them”

Mark raised £101.25 so far with some more sponsorship money to be collected and has already mentioned he wants to run again next year and aim to finish the full 12 hours. 


Franck's Race to the Stones

Franck Crosnier took on the UK’s most popular Ultra Marathon “Race To The Stones” on the 15th of July. A 100 km challenge along the oldest path in Britain – the iconic Ridgeway that finished next to the 5,000-year-old stone circle at Avebury all to raise money for the BBS. Franck, inspired by his friend who lives with bones that break, completed the challenge and managed to raise a whopping £1,009.65 in the process!

2016 10k Runners

This year the BBS had a team of 11 running the Vitality British 10k London Run which took place on the 10th of July. Jake Watson who has ran the 10k in aid of the BBS every year since 2014 managed to rope 9 of his friends into lacing up their running shoes and taking on the challenge with him and Dr Meena Balasubramanian, who regularly volunteers her time to speak at BBS events also completed the run for the BBS. The total amount raised from this year’s run was £2,056.59! Amazing effort -massive well done to everyone who took part.

Raffles and Races

At the beginning of the year the BBS received a cheque for £1,715.31 from the Labour Ward at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. This donation was the result of their annual staff raffle. Proceeds were given to the BBS because staff were so inspired by Kirsty Perry and her daughter Mila who has OI. BBS would also like to wish good luck to Andrew Perry (Milas' dad) who is running the Scottish 1/2 Marathon with his friend Jack for the Brittle Bone Society in September because "this is the backbone of my new family". 


Galway Greats

The MacConnell family were busy this May. Not only did they host a Wishbone Day Tea Party to raise awareness of OI but later in the month Niamh also organised a Teddy Bear Hospital Fundraiser where teddies and dolls received treatment for their complex medical conditions.Lucy's primary school even got involved and held a non-uniform day on Friday 13th of May. overall raising a fantastic €579.


Jack's at it again!

Jack Lewington and class mates Hayden Rumgay and Ruaraidh Haaris recently took part in a school enterprise project. The team were tasked with making and selling cakes. Their hard work was paid off and they ended with a profit of £100.84! The boys had a choice whether to keep their profit or donate it to charity. Jack and his friends chose to donate all their profit to the Brittle Bone Society.


The Jones Family Raise Thousands!

After the success of 2015's Grease themed Charity Ball, Jenny Jones and co got back into the full swing and organised another Ball in aid of the BBS. This year the theme was The Great Gatsby and based on photos seemed to be a rather debonair affair.

Hot on the heels of the Ball was Jenny's son Johnny and her son-in-law Lewis who ran the London Marathon. 

"The Brittle Bone Society is a charity that i have been aware of for most of my life; the Society has been positively supporting my sister Abbie ever since she was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Lewis and I wanted to show our gratitude to the Society by running the London Marathon and fundraising along the way. With the help of my mother Jenny, our family and friends, I'm very happy to say we were able to achieve this goal!"

The total amount collected so far is an amazing £3,245.25!

Charity of the Year

Throughout 2015 Gary Tarling, Captain of Worldham Golf Club organised various fundraising events to raise money for the Brittle Bone Society.

At final count the Club had managed to raise a staggering £3,282!


Penny vs Montserrat

In February Penny Clapcott travelled to Barcelona, Spain to climb Mount Montserrat with Norwegian balancing artist Eskil Rønningsbakken. The pair performed a balancing act on the edge of the mountain and managed to raise £752.64. Talk about living life on the edge!  


Betty Nicols Pub Quiz

A pub quiz and raffle was held in June in memory of the late Alastair Bruce, Life Member of the BBS and dear friend to organisers Wendy and Rob Brown. After the event Wendy reported:

"We had a wonderful day and it was a huge success - we raised £1,260 for the Brittle Bone Society. I still can't believe it but have to say that it is a true reflection of how loved and respected Alastair was".


Martin_Poyntz-Roberts.jpgBrighton 1/2 Marathon

Martin trained through rain, hail and shine to prepare himself for Brighton's 1/2 Marathon in February. On the day Martin managed to finsih the run in 2 hours and 19 minutes, having this to say about the experience:

"I'm not going to lie... the last three miles were agony, but worth it!"

Worth it indeed - Martin supported by friends and family raised a fantastic £1,265!

Loch Ness Challenge

After months of training in the freezing Scottish weather David Brown completed the ETAPE Loch Ness Challenge - a gruelling 66 mile cycle! He managed to power through and complete the route in 04:12:56 raising £1,100 in the process. 


Annual Sponsored Walk

Every year Cameron Allen and his classmates from Oban High School take part in a sponsored walk to raise money for the BBS. This year they walked from Benderloch to Barcaldine in Argyll and Bute... AND back again raising a total of £530.70.


Tough Mudder May Madness



The month of May say 2 BBS fundraisers enter into Tough Mudder Challenges. James Freshwater and his Team of 7 strong took part in the London West event.

Motivated by James' son Evan who was born with Type 3 Osteogenesis Imperfecta, the team aptly named "For Evans Sake" managed to raise an amazing £3,047.61.




Tough Mudder isn't just a lads' challenge though...

we also had Sarah Beaumont take part in the Midlands Challenge. Sarah took part on behalf of the BBS because like many others OI is a condition close to her heart. In total Sarah raised £374.54.

Inverness 1/2 Marathon

Inspired by one of our younger BBS fundraisers, (Jack Lewington who you might remember took part in the Meadows 5km Fun run last year) Nina Roberts decided to sign up for the Inverness 1/2 Marathon which took place in March. Motivated by thinking of Jack's strength and determination Nina finished the run in 2 hours and 32 seconds (a new personal best!) and managed to raise £615.29 in the process.


Green Park Challenge 

The Reading 3km Green Park Challenge that took place in April was no challenge for Joseph Errington! Joseph who ran with his dad David. Not only did Joseph finish with a brilliant time but he also managed to raise £648.75.

"I did it!! I ran all the way and finished in 21 minutes and 3 seconds. I have a great medal!"


Farmeries in Full Force


Longridge Branch Fundraising superstars John & Gertie Farmery have been busy organising their annual fundraising events. 

Not only did the BBS send out 12 MORE collection cans to the Longridge Branch but 2016 saw the return of the June Baker Concert which is now in its 9th year and hosted a Comedy Night. The Brittle Bone Society are happy to announce that the last Financial year the Longridge Branch raised a total of £5,500!


College Fundraiser

Our thanks go to Lizzie Williams who organised a fundraising event at Worthing College and donated the £100 proceeds to the BBS.


Running Independently 

Ruth Lipsett ran the Larne 1/2 Marathon back in March for the BBS and managed to raise a fantastic £1,306.25!


Our thanks also go to Tania Hamilton who managed to secure herself a place in the 2016 London Marathon raising £695.25 in total.


Christmas Cards and Coffee Morning 



BBS Member David Queen spoke at this local church - Claremont Parish Church - about the impact having Brittle Bones has on his life and the work of the Brittle Bone Society. The congregation were so touched by David's presentation they decided to raise money as a result.

The BBS have received 2 donations totalling £1,325. They raised money over the Christmas period and also through a coffee morning. Thank you to Claremont Parish Church and thank you to David for helping spread awareness of OI and the support we offer as a charity. 

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