Legacies and Tribute Funds

Leave a Legacy

Help the Brittle Bone Society build a better future

The Brittle Bone Society are grateful that you are considering leaving a legacy.

It is because of those kind supporters who generously include a gift to the Brittle Bone Society in their will that we are able to continue to offer support through funding wheelchairs that the NHS aren’t able to provide, running events for people of all ages, helping combat isolation and increasing our involvement in research, to give hope to all those living with OI and perhaps to find better treatments and therapies.  

The Society appreciates family and friends must come first, but even a small percentage of your Estate or a fixed sum gift makes a difference to the lives of those living with OI, and helps us to achieve further advances in research. All gifts in wills make a difference, regardless of their size. 

If you have already made a will but would now like to include a gift to the Brittle Bone Society, you may be able to add a codicil to your existing will. We would always advise that you enlist the services of a Solicitor in all legal matters.

You may have already included a gift, in which case – thank you and we would be grateful if you'd let us know.

You can download further information here to find out how to leave a gift.

Create a Tribute Fund

Tribute Funds are a way of raising money to commemorate someone's life and the money raised helps fund Brittle Bone Society research, support and awareness raising activities

You can set up an online Tribute Fund in support of The Brittle Bone Society through Just Giving and celebrate the life of a loved one.

By using Just Giving to create your special page, you can upload photos, leave messages and make donations to the Brittle Bone Society in memory of your loved one. Any money donated through the Tribute Fund comes straight to the BBS and is displayed on the page so you can see how much has been raised. It’s really easy to share the page with your friends and families so they too can pay tribute by making a donation and leaving a message on a birthday, anniversary or whenever the person comes to mind.

Setting up a Tribute Fund is easy; all you need is an email simply click here and set up a page 'Remembering Someone'

If you have any queries please contact the Office on 01382 204446 or by email at fundraising@brittlebone.org