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Volunteers are an important and valued part of the Society.

Together, staff and volunteers help to meet the needs of people with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and their families; locally and nationally across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  This would not be possible without the contribution of our volunteers.

There are many different ways you can get involved with the Charity and become part of the team, whether you have just a few hours a month or a day a week to spare there may be an opportunity just right for you.

DAA_Logo.jpgBBS are proud to have singed the Disability Action Alliance's charter which calls for a society in which the contribution of disabled people as volunteers is valued and volunteering opportunities are widely available on an equal and accessible basis.

To find out more about the Disability Action Alliance and the charter here

Below are some short testimonials from our volunteers about why they got involved and what volunteering means to them.


Mildred_with_text_005.jpgMildred Price

Being a relative of David and Margaret Grant, (BBS founder) my family supported them from the early days of the Society.  For many years my late husband and I did regular car boot sales selling all manner of goods including stamps. 

Now I concentrate on stamps, postcards, coins, lapel pins, badges and jewellery.  My target is to raise a £1000 each year for the Society.  Sometimes I just miss it, other times I pass it.

I have been richly blessed through my involvement with the Society having made many penfriends as I receive stamps from USA, Finland, Eire, France, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and from all parts of the UK.  All these donors have become my friends.



ine-.jpgÁine Friel

I have been a member of the BBS since birth; however since 2010 I’ve become more actively involved. Until then, I knew very few other people with OI. I now travel to as many conferences in the UK that I possibly can. Making these connections with other OI’ers has been invaluable to me, especially meeting others my own age. I’ve developed some great friendships. I recently attended the first Irish Forum/delegation of volunteers meeting in Dundee. Myself, and two other Irish support group volunteers met with BBS staff to develop ideas and plan for the future.

Although I’m extremely grateful for all the connections I’ve made with everyone in the UK, I am extremely eager to make the same strong connections here in Ireland. I am especially eager to find people of a similar age. Doing this would be very important to me and of huge benefit.

This is an extremely exciting time to be involved with the BBS. I am so grateful to the staff for the continuous efforts in including the Republic of Ireland, and their tireless work in developing connections, services and facilities across the water.



I began fundraising for the Brittle Bone Society 4 years ago as I wanted to do something to mark Wishbone Day. Since then I've raised money through cake sales, a sponsored silence, a Job-a-thon where I carried out over 25 different jobs in a day, sponsored walks with my school friends and auctioning off donated football items. People have been so supportive and it means a lot to know that, with their help, I've been able to help others like me receive support, equipment or the opportunity to attend Conference for the first time.

Raising money is obviously the main aim of my fundraising but being able to raise awareness of OI and of the work that the Brittle Bone Society do is really important to me and that's why my next fundraising venture is already being planned!



Angie & Lisa

"Having somewhere to come together, share experiences and stories was invaluable for our parents when we were kids. Even though we were still in primary school, when Lisa and I met it was a fantastic opportunity for us too! Families and friends affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) are so willing to support each other. Where else can you exchange stories about the coolest mobility equipment, craziest ways bones have been broken and how to keep your kids safe, while allowing them to find their independence? 

Now that we are in our 30s, we wanted to make sure families living in the North East had this same opportunities to peer support that ours did. When the Brittle Bone Society launched their Support Co-ordinator Programme, we jumped at the chance. The days training in Dundee equipped us with the skills and the confidence to go ahead and we are so proud that we have been able to help make this happen. 

Lisa and I get so much out of volunteering with the Brittle Bone Society; an organisation and community we both feel so passionately about. The time we spend volunteering is making a huge difference to the OI community in the North East. We want to play our part in equipping families with the confidence and knowledge to influence, campaign, raise awareness and live life to the full. " 



Trustees & Staff

Throughout National Volunteers Week - Brittle Bone Society have been proud to share some fantastic stories.

Now, it’s our turn – to thank all of our volunteers. 

Thank you to our Volunteers, Support Group Co-ordinators, to all who raise awareness of OI, to our fundraisers including marathon runners, to those who host gala dinners, to everybody who has held a can collection or baked cakes and many many more, all who give their time to speak at our events, those representing the Charity at meetings all over the British Isles. Their contribution is truly invaluable!

Involvement from Volunteers, helps us shape the direction and content of the BBS programme.

Come to Conference and be a part of our Volunteer Awards Ceremony 2015

From Trustees and Staff – a huge Thanks to BBS Volunteers everywhere!

To find out more about our Volunteering opportunities and how to apply you can view our Volunteer Handbook and download an application form.

For more information on volunteering please contact our Support Development Officer, Coreen Kelday at coreen@brittlebone.org or by telephone on 01382 204446