BBS secures Patron, Jordanne Whiley



Brittle Bone Society wins backing from champion

The Brittle Bone Society has gained the support of wheelchair tennis grand slam champion Jordanne Whiley as patron.

Jordanne has already previously given her time to attend the Brittle Bone Society's popular youth event VOICE to talk about her sporting career, share updates on the challenges she has faced and how she has made it to the top of wheelchair tennis.

Charity Chairman Elaine Healey said: "Jordanne is a wonderful role model and inspiration for members and we appreciate how fortunate we are to have her agree to be patron of our charity."

Chief Executive Patricia Osborne, who heads up the charity in Dundee, said: "The only problem ahead will be managing to negotiate charity engagements with Jordanne around her hectic training and tournament calendar.

The entire BBS membership supports this appointment and we are all delighted to welcome Jordanne to the prestigious role of patron for our proud charity."

The charity has secured a top medical advisory board in the past couple of years and is making progress in a number of areas.

Charity secretary John Phillips said: "The next obvious stop was to recruit a patron. To get Jordanne's backing is more than we could have hoped for, and will help raise the charity's profile enormously."

Jordanne said: "I'm delighted to become patron of a charity that is very close to home for me and I hope I can inspire more people with brittle bone disease to aspire to achieve as much as they can and show that anything is possible."

To hear Jordanne talk about her career see our Living with OI page.