DWP Extents Full Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Rollout

You will be aware that Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is ending for people who were aged between 16 and 64 on 8th April 2013. DLA claimants will continue to get DLA until the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) writes to them about when it will end and to invite them to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Since October 2013, DWP has been inviting existing DLA claimants with fixed term awards, those reaching age 16 or those reporting a change in circumstances, to claim PIP. This national roll out of natural reassessment was successfully completed in July.

On 25 June, Ministers announced that from July the Department would start national PIP roll out - the reassessment of all remaining people on DLA - in a controlled way. This was followed in August and September with additional postcodes and increased volumes.

Commenting that “operating on a smaller scale has proved to be the right approach, enabling us to monitor the service closely to ensure the process is operating efficiently before increasing volumes.” 

The DWP announced that from October 2015, in accordance with previously published plans, that they will be extending the remaining stage of national PIP rollout in a controlled way - learning as they  go - so that DLA claimants, chosen at random and living in all areas of Great Britain, will now start to be selected. The PIP checker on gov.uk has been updated. 

The DWP will however retain the flexibility to be able to adjust the volume of invitations issued in any postcode to match assessment provider capacity, thereby ensuring that they do not see backlogs building up.


The Smith Commission did recommend that the responsibility for some benefits, including Personal Independence Payment, be devolved to the Scottish Government. However, until a new Scotland Bill has passed through the UK Parliament, The DWP does not know the timetable for powers transferring over to the Scottish Parliament. Therefore, they are continuing with our current rollout plans which are in line with the current legislation. They have informed the Scottish Government of their plan.

PIP performance

The latest release of the official statistics for PIP (published on 16 September) reflect the significant progress made over the past year. The average new claimant now only waits 5 weeks for an assessment. Claims are now being processed at over 3 times the rate they were in January 2014.

There is more information about PIP on gov.uk within the PIP Toolkit. A claimant factsheet and claimant journey are included within the PIP toolkit to support you in helping the claimant understand what happens next and what they need to do. The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) toolkit - GOV.UK