Specialised Healthcare Alliance

NHS England has now opened a consultation on its principles for prioritising investments within specialised commissioning. This will run for 12 weeks until Monday 27th April. 

The consultation document sets out a range of principles for public comment, though without examples of how these might impact decision-making if adopted. The stages of the policy development process are outlines and a commitment is made to consult on any 'scorecard' for use in decision-making prier to its implementation, if one is developed in 2015.

NHS England has not published any of its generic policies for consultation, such as those on Individual Funding Requests and in-year service developments. A sentence in the above consultation states that these other policies may be consulted upon in future.

The Alliance will be developing a collective response to the consultation for members' comments before the end of April. Members wishing to respond to the consultation directly should note NHS England's requirement for declarations of interest, on the final page of the consultation document.