BBS meet with Paramedic Students


Student Meeting and Presentation Psychosocial Health in Paramedic Practice


BBS Project ‘What you need to know about My OI’ took another step forward, when Support Development Officer, Coreen along with members Richard Toner and David Queen visited a group of 2nd year Paramedic Students at Glasgow Caledonian University  on the 6th March. The students are currently working towards a module covering Psychosocial Health in Paramedic practice.

The psychosocial health module offers an opportunity for students to engage with different communities and seek to better understand their challenges and needs in healthcare, and the BBS were delighted to be invited along. We spent 2 hours with the students and were involved in useful discussions in relation to Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

The types of questions/topics covered were:

  • How does this [condition/lifestyle/challenge] impact your day to day life?
  • What have been your experiences of healthcare? Good? Bad?
  • How could this have been improved?
  • If you are attended by an emergency ambulance, in an unscheduled care experience, what are the key things you would want them to know/understand?
  • If we were to create a small document for you carry or have in the house for paramedics to use, what would it contain?

BBS want to thank members who provided information via our online Survey which we published prior to attending the visit asking the OI community to share their Paramedic Experiences. This provided us with useful additional information which we were able to discuss with the students.

Coreen, Richard and David have been invited to return on the 18th April where the students will deliver a short presentation on the key points of learning they have taken from the discussions. The staff at  Caledonian University will bring all this valuable information together to form a ‘service user care plan’ for use by paramedics to enhance care for the OI community.



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