BEM Awared to Steve Edney!


The Brittle Bone Society Charity is delighted to announce that Steve Edney was awarded the British Empire Medal for his services to charity in the recent King’s Birthday Honours List 2023. Steve is a member of the Brittle Bone Society and an outstanding supporter of our work, raising over £100,000 in funds and working to raise awareness about the charity and the condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), with which his son Max, now 11, was born. The award recognises sustained commitment in support of charitable and/or voluntary activity.

The Brittle Bone Society is a national charity and Patricia Osborne, the CEO, said “Steve and his wife Leanne and wider family and network are by far our biggest fundraisers.”

Chairman of the BBS Charity Elaine Healey said “Steve is such a force for good. He is known for ‘living his purpose’ and the BBS has benefitted enormously from his fundraising and his example to others in supporting what we do. Steve and his family will never truly appreciate what an impact they have had on our work. I am extremely grateful for their support and kindness”

At an awareness raising event in the Houses of Parliament  on 13th June, Steve described how he and Leanne learned about Max’s condition and how the family has lived with OI. Max recited a poem written by Leanne entitled ‘Through the eyes of a child’, which addresses the need to improve care for adults who live with OI.

The Brittle Bone Society works closely with the NHS, including its highly specialised centres in Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol and London, by providing approved NHS information resources. The charity also raises money for mobility equipment/wheelchairs not available on the NHS, hosts educational and social events, advocates at policy level and funds important research.

Our current work includes helping to fund ‘care pathways’ for adults with OI and supporting a new NHS healthcare professional network of adult physicians who will foster greater knowledge and understanding of how best to care for and treat people with OI.

See Steve pictured below at our recent Westminster Parliamentary Event, with his son, Max.

Steve Edney Pictured with his son, Max Edney.



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