Dental Students Presentation


Fourth Year Dental Students, Dundee University


The 4th year Dental Students at Dundee University had been doing some research work with local groups as part of their course work. They had reached out to various charities in the area including the Salvation Army, Advocating Together and the Brittle Bone Society.

CEO Patricia Osborne and Trustee Yvonne Grant and long standing member Mark Ross travelled to the lecture theatre in the nearby university to hear the students presentations on the 18th April 2023. They also listened to a number of presentations by other groups and were very impressed with the level of commitment by the students to reach out to groups that clearly needed some assistance with their oral health.


BBS Project group


The group focussing on the BBS project had previously come along to our offices in Guthrie Street and met with a number of members, this was of course the group which we were most excited to hear what their final conclusions and outcomes were.  (You can read about their previous visit here.)

They broke up into a few groups and had some focussed questions about dental concerns and trying to find out ways to improve dental care for people with OI.

To get their presentation off to a flying start the students opened up with a quiz – testing the knowledge of the other students in the audience. The questions were about amalgam restorations being used on OI and DI patients and when should an orthodontist examine a child with OI and at what age. It was amazing to hear some of the gasps when some of the delegates had answered incorrectly. It was really just so marvellous to see an entire room of healthcare students so engaged in wanting to learn and understand more about OI and what they could do to make it a reality.

We enjoyed all the presentations immensely.  Its so uplifting to hear all those knowledgeable students who will all make fine dentists.




The students had mocked up a trial data info leaflet.  We have already pledged that we would be really grateful if they wanted to discuss further with us.

We were also blown away that the students are considering further awareness raising of OI around Wishbone Day. They have pledged to wear yellow and challenged themselves to speak to as many other students across the faculty that they can possibly manage on the day.


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