Dental Students Visit BBS HQ


On the 18th and 22nd of March, we welcomed Dental students from the University of Dundee to the BBS headquarters In line with the BBS’ initiative ‘What you need to know about my OI’. As part of a two day visit, the students had the opportunity to chat with BBS members Jamie Abbott, Mark Ross and Trustee Yvonne Grant about their experiences with dental care and having OI on the first day and then returned their second day to present resources they had created from what they had learnt. They are continuing to develop these resources and hope to share them with us in the near future.

The students, as part of the Year 4 undergraduate curriculum cover a unit which involves community engagement where they meet with different groups to better understand different social, general and oral health needs of individuals. We were delighted to be able to share specific aspects of OI with the group.

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