Dundee Dental School Collaboration


We were delighted to make contact with the local dental teaching hospital.  They invited us to give a presentation to master students, on the 23rd November,  about dental issues for people living with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and to look at possible research opportunities. CEO Patricia Osborne, Coreen Kelday, Support Development Officer and former Trustee and supporter Mark Ross gave a presentation about the work of the BBS and focussed on oral health concerns.

The Dental School have also asked us to talk at an online webinar which will take place in February 2023 (details to follow).

We have been liaisng with Dr Susan Parekh (Dentist) who serves on our MAB and together we will all be collaborating on important surveys for both children and adults.

We will be organising a visit to the Dundee Dental School and will share details soon if anybody would like to attend.

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