Comic Book Workshop


The Brittle Bone Society, in conjunction with the OI Team psychologists from both Great Ormond Street and Sheffield Children’s Hospital ran a series of 4 Pilot Workshops which were hosted by Art in Healthcare.

These workshops served a space for a  small group of children aged 10 to 16 to create comic strips and stories in a virtual setting.

Each sessions was tailored to allow the participants time to learn from the Artist, Malcy, who facilitated the sessions.  Malcy gave short talks accompanied by visuals on various stages involved in making comic books as well as showing various drawing techniques.  Participants were encouraged to make their own work both during the sessions and in their own time. Craft packs were sent out in advance full of drawing goodies from sketch books, pencils, paints etc. Participants also had plenty time to share their drawings with each other, reflect on their artwork and share their experiences of living with OI.


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