OICAN Outdoor Event 2022


OICAN Outdoor Event 2022

OICAN Outdoor Event 2022.

A weekend full of adventure and fun!

OICAN Outdoor Event 20th to 23rd May 2022


The OICAN Outdoor Event is all about showing the world what you can do! Whether its archery, ziplines or abseiling, you can do it all in this weekend of fun and adventure!

The 2022 OICAN Outdoor Event was held amongst beautiful surroundings at the Calvert Trust in Exmoor. Click here to visit the Calvert Trust Exmoor website. 

This family friendly event saw individuals attend aging from 3 to 63!  Much fun was had participating in Abseiling, Archery, Bushcraft, Challenge Course, Cycling and Zipwire.  We even had a Karaoke in the evenings.

Watch this space for updates on where next years Outdoor Event will take place.


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