Strategic Plan

As you are aware we have been at the front line for the past 50 years; Our strategy has involved supporting the Osteogenesis Imperfecta community providing NHS approved medical fact sheets; handling hundreds of general enquiries about school; work and treatments; and fundraising for vital wheelchairs and equipment. We have been providing improved event experiences year on year; rolling out hospital patient days, youth events and fun filled family conferences. Thanks to the dedication of our Trustee Board, our hard working staff, volunteers and NHS professionals who serve on our Medical Advisory Board, we are here for you throughout the year.
At the end of 2018, we asked our members and supporters to fill in our questionnaire to help us form our new strategic plan. As a result, we have developed the following objectives:
1. Continue to raise public awareness and increase understanding of OI by continuing to attend outreach events and developing innovative campaigns. We will take our History Bones exhibition on tour, to teaching hospitals and other venues.
2. Remain as advocates for people with OI by networking with policymakers and healthcare services and responding to consultations to review policies which affect people with OI.
3. Provide and improve on support services for people affected by OI using online and offline media, and providing equipment and support grants where they are needed. We will continue with our Annual Family Conference but will bring in new activity events and develop programmes in conjunction with OIFE.
4. Further our work with the NHS and healthcare professionals. We will be increasing the number of training events run online and in-person, and develop our connections with healthcare professionals (particularly within adult services).
5. Continue to provide opportunities and incentives to further research into OI. We will continue to support research projects and widen our funding search to corporate and event-based revenues.
6. Maintain effective governance, seek out ways to grow educational healthcare events, and develop the ways we manage membership/supporter subscriptions.
7. Implement our fundraising strategy and develop income avenues with new campaigns and PR activities. Invest in effective information technology to achieve the objectives laid out in our strategic plan.
8. Maintain effective human resources, facilities, and risk management functions. We will continue to reward good work by both staff and volunteers, and monitor the operations of the charity to ensure best value is achieved.
Your invaluable comments have helped build this new strategy, giving us a steer on the important services we provide, the events we plan, the policy we campaign to change and the exciting new research we support. We are grateful for all that you do to support the Brittle Bone Society.

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