OICAN Campaign Toolkit

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Post Examples & Hashtag


” The BBS needs YOU and YOUR voice to help us make the Month of May “Official OI Awareness Month” You can read all about our campaign via the website: https://www.brittlebone.org/…/campa…/oican-may-campaign/ This is your chance to let your voice be heard! Write to your elected representative, sign our charter and share this campaign! It’s time we made a change! #OICANMayCampaign.”

“Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is rare and has been misunderstood for too long. Help us make the Month of May OI Awareness Month. To find out how, head to the Brittle Bone Society website: https://www.brittlebone.org/how-can-you-help/campaigns-consultations/oican-may-campaign/. #OICANMayCampaign”


“Join the OI Can campaign, spread the news and help establish an awareness month in May. You can help us by using our template letter to write to your elected representative, signing our charter and sharing on social media! Head over the Brittle Bone Society website for more info. https://www.brittlebone.org/how-can-you-help/campaigns-consultations/oican-may-campaign/. #OICANMayCampaign”


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