Wishbone Day 2024

Every year on 6th May, people come together and celebrate Wishbone Day – an international awareness-raising day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Raising awareness is crucial as it helps to raise the funds that are needed to support families living with OI and helps the BBS continue its vital work.

Here are some examples on how to join in the fun:


Wear Yellow


Whether its a yellow t-shirt,  a pair of socks, or a three piece suit, wear it proud and share your pictures!  Here is a collection of some yellow outfits from 2022 and 2021. If you’re wearing yellow this Wishbone Day, send us your photos, we love to see them! Send them to admin@brittlebone.org or our social media platforms (@brittlebonesociety) and we will be happy to share them.

Wishbone Day 2022 banner


Share on Social Media


Share your support for Wishbone Day across your social media platforms! We have an array of downloadable social media graphics below for you to post on your page. Tag us and use #WishboneDay to promote your message. You can download our BBS Wishbone Day materials here:


Social Media Graphics



Spread the Word


Time to get creative! There is no limit on what you can do for Wishbone Day. Over the years we have had people organise events at work, we have had yellow cakes baked, and even a whole class in school wear yellow!

Whatever you have planned for Wishbone Day, get in touch by emailing us or send us a message on social media. Share your photos from the day and tag us!

Find out more information about Wishbone Day.

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