Fundraising FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I get Brittle Bone Society fundraising materials from?

You can download our BBS Awareness Poster. You have the option of A4 size or A3.



Where can I get a sponsorship form?

You can download a Brittle Bone Society sponsorship, here. Alternatively you can contact us, and we will be happy to send one out to you.



Can I get branded merchandise? (T-shirts, pens, posters, collections tins etc.)

Yes, we have stock of various merchandise available for you. Please contact our Fundraising Officer or visit our Merchandise page for more information.



How do I keep my fundraiser legal?

Licenses:  If your activity includes the sale of alcohol, the provision of food and drink, the collection of money or selling of goods in a public place you will need a license.  This can be obtained from your local authority. We suggest you contact our Fundraising Officer in advance for extra support to organise any license requirements.

Consent: If you have children involved in your event in any way they must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.  If you are taking photographs of children, you will always need to get the parent or legal guardian’s permission.  If your event is on private property you will need prior consent of the owner.

Insurance: The Brittle Bone Society cannot accept any liability for your event or anyone who participates in it. We strongly recommend you contact our Fundraising Officer in advance to guide you on any insurance requirements.



How do I pay in money I have raised?

  • Online sponsorship: Any money raised online via a JustGiving or Facebook page will automatically come to the Brittle Bone Society.
  • At the bank: You can pay your money directly into the Brittle Bone Society bank account: Account Number 10479306, Sort Code 83-50-00. Please use your name as a reference.
  • By post: Cheques should be made payable to Brittle Bone Society and sent to Grant-Paterson House, 30 Guthrie Street, Dundee, DD1 5BS.
  • By phone: Please call 01382 204446 to make a payment using your credit or debit card.



How do I set up a JustGiving or Facebook fundraising page?

Creating a JustGiving fundraising page or Facebook page is quick and easy – simply follow the links to their step by step guides.



Can I claim Gift Aid on the money I have raised?

As a registered charity, the Brittle Bone Society can claim back an extra 25% at no extra cost to the donor. To claim Gift Aid your sponsor must be a UK taxpayer. They simply need to tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsor form or online fundraising page and ensure they have also provided their home address and postcode.

You can download our Gift Aid Form HERE


How does my donation or the money raised make a difference?

The Brittle Bone Society is the sole UK charity for people who are born with OI, offering practical and emotional support for them and their families. Your donation allows us to continue to offer this service, which includes:

  • Annual family events for our members
  • Youth event for 16 –30-year-olds
  • Funding for specialised wheelchairs and equipment
  • Invaluable support to those affected and their families

Read our real life stories about how the Brittle Bone Society has already helped some of those affected by OI.



Can I use your logo on my website or in publicity materials?

The Brittle Bone Society logo cannot be used without prior written consent. The logo cannot be changed in any way. The simplest way to create your own fundraising poster is to download one of our template posters, which are complete with the Brittle Bone Society logo with space for you to complete your event details. If you still require a high-resolution logo or are in any doubt, please contact our Fundraising Officer.

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