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By donating to the Brittle Bone Society, you are making a difference to the lives of people affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta. We could not carry out this work without the generous donations from people like you and promise that every penny donated will be put to great use.  Thank you.


Here are just some of the ways your gift could help



Kids Packs


Last year Ollie the Owl made an appearance in 56 goody bags which we sent to children going into hospital. Parents have told us how much their kids love Ollie and how he keeps them distracted whilst receiving their treatment.  One pack full of goodies such as drawing materials, water bottle, wet wipes and Ollie can cost around £25.





Giving individuals and families the best advice, support and information


Last year our support officer answered 288 direct support enquiries.  Individuals can also access a variety of resources on our website, for example: factsheets were viewed 997 times and the schools resources page 1,400 times.

Without your valuable support we would not be able to continue to update and review our resources.




Funding  a variety of Events offering valuable Peer Support


Our events are an opportunity for families to get together, build friendships and get mutual support. Your donations mean we can run even more across the UK.

Last year we hosted a variety of events from our annual conference,  one day mini conferences to family fun days, and our OI Can outdoor activity event benefitting 352 individuals.



Mobility Equipment


During 2022/23 we coordinated funding for 17 Wheelchairs totalling £143,000 as well as funding layflat car seats, prams and specialised trikes.

We are grateful to all the Trusts who assist with funding towards equipment, and especially Motability Foundation who awarded us a grant of £300,000 for 3 years.

Your funding can help us continue this vital work in securing funds and processing applications. To find out more about this vital work  here.


Awareness Raising and Advocacy

We created our OI Can Awareness Campaign to highlight the need for better coordinated care for adults with OI.  Developed outreach work taking our “What you need to know about my OI” project to university students (dental, paramedic and Occupational therapy), continued working with the Medical Advisory Board to develop much needed clinical care pathway recommendations and hosted an event to celebrate the launch for the NHS Adult Rare Bone Network and are providing ongoing admin support to this network to name but a few projects.






We champion pioneering research to find new treatments, improve diagnosis and aid a better understanding of OI.  The BBS support research in various ways from funding projects, carrying out surveys, providing the latest updates and informing individuals of any new clinical trails. The BBS have awarded 9 research grants since 2017 totalling £126,396.





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