Independent Living

What is independent living you may ask? Essentially, it is living just like everyone else; living in the community with the same choices, control and freedom as any other citizen, including having choice and control over things like who you live with and where.

Due to this topic covering such a wide area from leaving home, starting a career, adapted housing, social care, benefits, travel, to finding a PA etc we developed a working group of individuals with OI to initially discuss and determine what areas we should develop resources on as priority.  We also carried out a survey on the experiences of people living with OI. You can read the full report here.




Social Needs Care Assessment

This factsheet provides information about applying for a Social Care Needs Assessment and also has other useful links.

Technology and Equipment for Independent Living

This factsheet provides information on how to use technology and equipment to make your life easier.

Top Tips for Comfortable Home

This factsheet provides an overview of the grants available for adapting your home and offers some useful tips for what adaptations you can think about.


Resources for Employing a PA


Disability Rights have useful Information on Employing a PA.

Skills for Care have a useful TOOLKIT with information on Employing and Managing a PA.

If you live in Northern Ireland and are looking to employ a career see the Northern Ireland Government website.


Other Useful Links


Financial support and benefits please see here.

Disabled Students please see the UCAS website,  also Disability Rights have a student helpline.

Travel Information please see our travel tips page.

Learning to Drive and the Motability Scheme see here.

For information about Assistant Dogs see here.

See the NHS Website for an introduction to Care and Support.

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