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Travel Insurance a list compiled by the Brittle Bone Society based on information given to us over the years from other people with OI. We always advise it is worth shopping around for insurance to a find a deal that suits you.

OIFE Passport
– a useful document to have when travelling which explains OI in over 20 different languages. Please contact us if you would like a copy.


Government website section on “Transport if you’re disabled” has really useful information from booking accessible travel on trains, accessible stations, and national railcards. It is also worth checking the National Rail website.


Government websitealso has a section on foreign travel for disabled people.


Tryb4uFly is a service for disabled children and adults in the UK. They provide cabin assessments, information about flying with a disability and hire equipment to make your journey easier.


Euans Guide – a website which features disabled access reviews from disabled people, their families, and friends.


Wheelchair Travel  – a website full of useful information and articles about travelling the world, including tips on how to reduce the risk of the airline damaging your wheelchair.


Mobility Hire– In case of an emergency where your manual wheelchair is lost or damaged, you can rent a wheelchair from Mobility Hire.


Real Life Stories – see our member blogs and personal experiences of travel.


NB. Any views expressed on this website will be general in nature, do not constitute medical advice and will not be a substitute for taking advice from your usual medical practitioners.

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