Motability awards first grant to BBS


The Brittle Bone Society, Interloch Community Transport and Sheppey Matters are the first charities to be awarded funding from Motability’s portfolio of grant programmes specifically set up for other charities and organisations who support the transport needs of disabled people.

The new funding will buy wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories for the OI Community. Patricia Osborne, BBS CEO, said: “This amazing grant from Motability means we can get the right wheelchairs for individuals almost immediately! Our previous process worked, and we cannot thank all those Trusts enough, whom we worked with over many years to do that. However, the size of this Motability grant means we no longer need to apply to several Grant Givers for each individual application, while people waited for those last portions of funding to come through. This will radically speed up the process meaning they won’t have to wait.”

We are excited to work with Motability and continue to provide the right equipment and wheelchairs to the OI Community.

If you are needing equipment or a new wheelchair, you can find out how you can apply for a grant here.

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