Paramedic Students Presentation




Second Year Paramedic Students


Following on from our initial visit with the Students in March (which you can read more about here); Support Development Officer Coreen along with members Richard and  David returned to Glasgow Caledonian University on the 18th April 2023 to hear presentations by the students based on the information we had previously shared with them and to find out what subsequent research they had done following this.

The students were tasked with producing a short presentation which introduced the individuals they had spoken with, the community, and the key points of learning they had taken from the discussions. The aim was to bring their findings together to form a service user care plan for use by paramedics to enhance care in the community.

The presentations were broken up into two 2 hour sessions.  There were 9 groups of students presenting in total, 2 of whom presented on OI. Other presentations we heard were from Turning Point, Visual Impairment, Carers Scotland, Papyrus Scotland and Deaf/Blind Scotland.

All students did an amazing job and it was great to see so much enthusiasm.

We have shared the Care Plan they designed  with the BBS Care Pathways writing group and hope we will be able to develop this further.

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