Joanna Cannon


My family and I have been involved with the Brittle Bone Society since not long after I was diagnosed with OI at 7 months old. I was born with a spontaneous mutation which we now know to be type 5.  Over the years the society has supported three generations of my family, and my Dad, Harry Venet, spent many years as a trustee and treasurer.  I am delighted to follow in his footsteps and join the trustee board.

I have a post-graduate diploma in Disability Studies, and I am a strong supporter of disabled people’s rights.  For the past 20 years I have worked as a Disability Coordinator within Higher Education, where I coordinate support for disabled students, ensuring they have full access to their studies and student life whist at university.  I also work with the wider institution to improve access and inclusion.  I am a member of the National Association of Disability Practitioners, the professional association for disability and inclusivity practitioners in further and higher education.

Over the years I have also worked with a number of charities and many individuals, to offer support and guidance around access, inclusion and day to day living.

I am someone who has grown up with OI, has restricted growth and am a full time powered wheelchair user.  I am a mother of a teenage son with OI, of a daughter without OI, and a wife to a husband with another physical disability.  I would hope that these experiences, along with my educational, professional and voluntary experience will mean I have some valuable insights to bring to the board.

The OI community, largely brought together by the Brittle Bone Society, is incredibly special, and incredibly important to its members.  I hope that as a trustee of the Brittle Bone Society, I can positively contribute to this amazing community.

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