Yvonne Grant

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Over the past three years I have had the experience of travelling to the trustee meetings in London, visiting the Scottish Parliament at various meetings regarding health matters within Scotland and how it effects our membership in Scotland.

I was delighted to be asked to attend the new Patient Day event in Dundee that was funded by Awards for All Scotland. This was organized to celebrate Rare Disease Day. I was more than pleased to see large numbers of people attending at a local event.

In the last three years it has been a pleasure to see a new medical advisory board complete its first three years and this I am sure will take the name of the Society even further in the terms of what it is like to have the condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones).

I have signed funding application forms for the Society hoping that the results will prove successful in the months ahead.

The work of the Brittle Bone Society as a family of members expands and its work load to that extent grows daily, with this in mind I would like to be there for the next three years health permitting to help the Society achieve our wish and our goals.

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