Rare Disease Ireland Care Pathways


The BBS are delighted to hear that Rare Disease Ireland are working on Care Pathways for OI. We are pleased to support this and will help contribute to this project in any way.

The priority is to identify people/families living with OI in Ireland that would be willing to review the draft pathway and provide feedback from their lived experience. The commitment is up to each individual, but it would be expected that no more than 5-6 hours over a 3-4 week period would be required.

The tasks may be outlined as follows:
1. Attend zoom meeting to hear background on project and learn what is being asked for. Any questions will be answered.
2. Read draft pathway (5-8 pages) as developed by clinical lead.
3. Add changes, recommendations, thoughts to the draft based upon lived experience of care in Ireland, including need to travel internationally for care as appropriate.
4. Return edited document to NRDO for review.
5. Follow-up meeting to review edited draft, as needed.

Following incorporation of lived experience changes, the draft pathway will be reviewed and amended as required by health professionals. Final version will be available to patient reps before going through approval processes with management/leadership within the HSE. Timing of this approval process is to be confirmed.

If you are interested please contact  – Vicky McGrath at advocacy@rdi.ie.

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