Losartan Study


Posted on Aug 26, 2020
This Study is currently closed

Research Opportunity

Professor Nick Bishop, Trustee at the Brittle Bone Society, is seeking help in planning a new study led by Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Sheffield University for children and young people with OI using a medicine called Losartan that is already used to treat high blood pressure and kidney problems.

How Can You Help Now?

Initially that help would be through online meetings to help design the study. The study group are looking for young people, aged 12-18, and adults to contribute at this stage; about 16-20 folk altogether.

What might be involved later?

The study will involve people with OI all the way from start to finish, making sure it runs well and helping to explain the results when they are available.

How Do You Get Involved?

Please contact the dedicated email address for the study: OI_losartan_study@sheffield.ac.uk if you are at all interested in this project.

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