Matrix-Directed Therapy in Older Adolescents and Adults with Osteogenesis Imperfecta – The “MOI-A” Study




The MOI-A study is looking at repurposing losartan, a drug used for high blood pressure, for older adolescents and adults with OI. The study is funded by the EU as part of the REMEDi4ALL Consortium and is running in the UK and Italy. The primary aim of the study is to see if losartan slows down bone turnover. If the study is successful in showing this, then a larger study to determine whether losartan reduces fracture rates will be undertaken.

There has already had patient input to the study design and patient information sheets from BBS members already.


Call out Request


The research team are now seeking help from other BBS members to sit on the Trial Steering Committee, and contribute in due course to the write up of the study results.

The Trial Steering Committee will be meeting virtually every 3 months for 1 to 2 hours.


What is a Trial Steering Committee ?


A Trial Steering Committee is basically a group of people who meet regularly to ensure that the trial is running smoothly, everything is going well, and to review the results provided by another committee, the Data Monitoring and Safety Committee. If the DMSC identify that there is a safety issue, the TSC will need to consider whether the trial should continue, pause or be stopped. The effectiveness of the treatment won’t be clear until the study is completed; the TSC will need to consider this information as well.


How to apply?


If you are interested and think you could help, or would just like more information about the role, please email me: Prof N Bishop at

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