The hospital of no surprises


Researchers at McGill University are seeking expertise from individuals who are affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Study funded by Brittle Bone Society (BBS)

They are looking to produce an animated play called the “Hospital of No Surprises” with children with osteogenesis imperfecta, their siblings and others to help them prepare for surgery.  The aim is to promote the stronger recognition of the voices of children affected by osteogenesis imperfecta and improve their hospital experiences. The research team need your help! Meet online with a member of the research team to learn about how you can participate in this study.


Expert advice needed to understand the good and bad hospital experiences of children affected by OI


Are you under 18 years of age and have OI? Do you have a sibling with OI?



  1. a) You are between 4 to 18 years of age; AND
  2. b) You have OI or a sibling with OI




Do you have a child with OI or have OI yourself? Are you involved in the OI community or provide care to children with OI? Are you over 18 years of age?


Understand the health care experiences and needs of children affected by OI &

Participate in the creation of health care resources for children affected by OI



  1. a) You have been providing care to a child/children with any type of OI for at least one year; OR
  2. b) You are a former child OI patient; OR
  3. c) You are a representative of the OI community (e.g., foundations, community leaders); AND
  4. d) You are aged 18 or over.


Exclusion Criteria


Not being able to speak English or French


For more information, please contact


Jenny Wang, RN, M.Ed

Research Assistant, McGill University



Principal Investigator:

Argerie Tsimicalis, RN, PhD

Assistant Professor, McGill University


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