RIP David


RIP David Grant


David Grant a proud Dundonian with strong connections to local Charity Brittle Bone Society (BBS) died peacefully on Thursday 2nd May 2024, with his loving daughter Yvonne Grant by his side. David was husband of the late Dr. Margaret Grant MBE, the founder of the BBS. Margaret passed in 2020. Together they had worked over many years for the charity which was established in 1968 to support people all over the UK with the rare bone condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 

Born in Dundee on 10th June 1936, David was the youngest of 13 children born to parents Donald and Jane Grant and he worked in Dundee’s Jute mills and also worked as a porter at the Brittle Bone Society for many years.

The chair of the charity Elaine Healey said : “It is so very sad to lose David. We were all grateful and proud that David could witness the Charity’s 50 year anniversary celebrations in Dundee in 2018. Our condolences and thoughts are with our Trustee Yvonne and all her family. David devoted his life to supporting his family and also helped enormously in raising awareness of OI and, of course, with his wife Margaret our Charity. All of us with the condition now enjoy improved support and owe a debt of gratitude to David for his tireless support for people living with this rare condition.

Chief Executive Patricia Osborne said she was privileged to have met David and it was obvious that he lived for the love of his family.

Tributes from the Trustee Board, staff and the wider OI community worldwide have been pouring in.

The Society continues to provide front line support and raises thousands of pounds each year towards the supply of wheelchairs and equipment and to promote better care in the sector. Furthering both the support element and the research work was important to David and he was pleased to see the progress made over many years. The history of the charity’s much prized early work that David saw in the making has now been entrusted to the University of Dundee which is archiving and preserving the charity’s past in order to record its immense impact on the care of people with OI.

David is survived by his loving daughter Yvonne, who has also served as a trustee of the BBS for many years. The family want him to be remembered with fondness and love, for the tower of strength that he was to his late wife and daughter and the many friends he made in the OI community over a long number of years.

The funeral will be held on Wednesday 15th May at Coldside Church 2.15pm Main St, Dundee DD3 7HT and at Dundee Crematorium 3.30pm Macalpine Rd, Dundee DD3 8SD.

It is requested that messages of support and sympathy be sent to the offices of the Brittle Bone Society (BBS) Charity at 30 Guthrie Street, DD1 5BS. In lieu of flowers the family also request donations are made to the Brittle Bone Society (BBS).

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