RIP Helen


RIP Helen


We are very sad to announce that Helen Chappell has passed away very suddenly aged 49.

Helen was a much loved member of the OI community.

Helen was involved with the Brittle Bone Society since a very young child and featured, aged just 5, in the famous Magpie TV film when the charity won tremendous support for equipment from the Children’s TV Show.

Helen  held the post of trustee of the Brittle Bone Society in 2012 and served the Charity in a number of activities and was also one of the original young people who pioneered vOIce.

Helen Chappell was a proud Yorkshire lass and lived in Leeds.  She was keenly involved in Leeds Powerchair Football.

Helen was a warm and friendly person and just delighted in training her lovely new dog Barney.

Everyone who knew Helen will be shaken by this news. She will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Helen.


Helen and Barney


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