Elaine’s top tips on cooking


What do you enjoy about cooking?


I love cooking because I love food and fortunately I have a Husband that appreciates home cooking. Particularly in this past year the kitchen has been my salvation. I cannot think of anything more relaxing than chopping meat and vegetables for a lovely casserole or mixing spices for a curry. For me it is about creating something we can both enjoy and knowing what went into it. Martin grows vegetables which is an added bonus.


How have you adapted your kitchen to suit your needs?


We only had one adaption done when we had a new kitchen and that was a low-level surface area for me to prepare food. The rest of the kitchen is average height as that was what I was used to. I use a trusty, solid stool that brings me up to cooker and sink height. We do not have a dish washer as I am one of those rare people that actually enjoy washing-up by hand!


Any tips on equipment?


We both love a cottage pie but when I have had sore shoulders mashing potatoes can be a bit of a trial.  I then came across the Masha electric masher from Lakeland.co.uk which not only gives lovely smooth mash but is easy to use and clean.

Our hob is not anywhere near the sink, so I drain food into a Tupperware bowl next to the oven, and then empty the water when cold.

To turn the taps on from my wheelchair I found scissor tongs work great for extending my reach. It is all trial and error really to find what work for you. Sometimes the simple things are the best.


Any other tips?


One thing I would advise is it is always better if you can physically see and feel the product before you buy. Particularly cooking equipment which may say ‘very light to use’ in reviews online, only to find they are much heavier than you are led to believe. I always go ‘lighter’ with pans and cookware because once filled it all becomes much heavier to lift.

Batch cooking is great for days when you have more energy and saves you time and energy later on.

If you have both high and low storage cupboards store lighter products up high as these can be reached using a trusty grabber!


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