Evie’s Chair


Quote from Evie’s parents


Evie has managed to use the tiny trax chair to great effect


When we first got the tiny trax Evie was able to go with her sister on a “bike ride” (elder sister was riding Evie was in her chair) and play chase/hide and seek independently which is the first time she’s been able to do this.

We have taken it on holiday with us during the summer, which enabled her to independently go to the shops and play with her sister and cousins. She is not relying on us to push her to take part in activities.

We take the tiny trax to her school which allows her to take part in activities such as forest school, be independent in the playgrounds and play with her friends. Due to its size it also offers protection against others accidently bumping into her.

Evie uses the tiny trax on family walks which allows her to go and explore and is robust enough to go off road and into the woods which her wheelchair is not able to do.

It has made a huge difference to her and her confidence.



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