Kian’s Fundraising Story


The Brittle Bone Society (BBS) has provided invaluable support to my sister since she was diagnosed with OI. For those who don’t know, Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is a genetic bone disorder characterised by fragile bones that break easily. OI is a rare condition and it is estimated that the number of people born with the condition is approximately 1 in every 15,000: that equates to around 5000 individuals in the UK living with OI.

My little sister, Amelia-Rose, was diagnosed with OI in February 2018, just before her 2nd birthday. Since her diagnosis, the BBS have provided a lot of helpful information to my mum, step-dad and Amelia’s school to help them fully understand her condition. The BBS also sent Amelia an Ollie owl teddy which she absolutely loves and provides her comfort whenever she is in pain or in the hospital. During Covid-19, Amelia joined the virtual Christmas party set up by the BBS for a fun arts and crafts sessions which enabled Amelia to interact with other children like herself and understand she is not alone with her condition.

The support and comfort provided by BBS to my family and countless others inspired me to start my fundraising in the hope that any penny I was able to raise would help the BBS and their valiant efforts to support as many people as possible.

I first began fundraising for the BBS in 2022 when I was selected to participate in the UK Charity All Stars (All Stars) ice hockey tournament for Team Barbarians. Ice hockey is not widely known in the UK, but is continuously growing, with more talent than ever being produced and seeing sell-out crowds across the UK. I have followed the Cardiff Devils from a very young age, attending my very first game when I was just a few months old. Over the years I have developed a passion for the sport and finally started to play when I was 17. The All-Stars tournament is a brilliant avenue to play a sport I love and raise money for the charity closest to my heart.

The All-Stars tournament takes place once a year and sees 8 teams play against each other featuring players from across the UK with different levels of experience, coming together for a fun weekend of hockey and to raise money for their respective charities. Since its inception in 2008, the All-Stars tournament and its participants have raised over £1 million in support of several charities, with its most successful weekend in Cardiff 2023 where a total of £143,167.55 was raised. Typically, each team represented an individual charity, however, in 2019 a decision was made to establish Team Barbarians, which would allow players to select their own individual charity they wish to represent. Team Barbarians debut tournament was set for July 2020, of course Covid-19 put a delay to this. However, in 2022, Team Barbarians were finally able to participate.

I was delighted to be selected to play for Team Barbarians in their inaugural All Stars weekend, and I knew instantly that I wanted to raise money for the BBS. In just a few short weeks, I was able to raise £237. After a fun filled tournament, we battled to a very respectful 7th place finish.

I was once against selected to play for Team Barbarians for the Cardiff 2023 All Stars weekend and was this time able to raise a total of £330 for the BBS, just shy of £100 above of my previous year’s total. This time however, after only losing 1 of our 7 games against the other teams, we found ourselves battling it out in the grand final, and after just our second year taking part in the tournament, we were successful in a six-goal thriller and ended the tournament as champions. It was a hugely successful and enjoyable weekend to take part in. More importantly, as a team we were able to raise an incredible £12,092.

I have one again been selected to play for Team Barbarians in the Sheffield 2024 All Stars weekend in August, and I am continuing to raise money for the BBS – so far raising £160 with several months of fundraising left before the tournament begins. I am extremely grateful for the generosity people have shown in donating.

The All-Stars tournament pushes everyone to their limit. It is always a physically demanding weekend, but knowing the impact the BBS and the support they provide is a key motivation for me throughout the tournament. This year I aim to be more physically prepared for the tournament and have started to train weekly once again with the Cardiff Eagles.

Fundraising for the BBS has become very important to me and I will continue to participate in annual fundraisers to say thank you for the support they have provided to Amelia-Rose and the rest of my family.

If you wish to donate, a link to my Just Giving page can be found below, and I wish to thank everyone who has donated in the past, and all those who continue to donate in the future.

You can donate here.

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