Penny’s Story


Penny Clapcott has type III Osteogenesis Imperfecta and despite numerous fractures over the years she managed to achieve her dream of becoming an aerial performer. In 2012 Penny had the opportunity to perform in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony in front of millions of viewers.

“Having grown up with the BBS I was able to look up to older OI’ers and realise there are no barriers to living life in the way you want to, it is your choice, all down to the restrictions you put upon yourself. I didn’t grow up wondering whether I would be able to drive, get a job or live independently because I saw people like me doing it, giving me a lot of confidence growing up. I just wanted to find my own way to do things, they might not be conventional but they get the job done! So thank you BBS”


You can hear my story in the film, including my experience of  taking part in the paralymics as a trapeze artist.

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