Touch a Life Award- In memory of the Late Dr Margaret Grant MBE.


Touch a Life Award- University of Dundee


The BBS are proud to be sponsoring the “Touch a Life Award” for a nursing student in memory of the Late Dr Margaret Grant MBE.

This award aims to recognise a nursing student who demonstrates the heart of nursing through the impact they have on either an individual, a family or a community.

Trustees and staff are grateful to have the chance to remember our late founding member by recognising the work of hard-working individuals in the nursing profession!

Margaret Grant would approve a lasting legacy in a profession she cared about here in Dundee – the city of her birth and at the seat of learning at the School of Health Sciences, University of Dundee.  The University who so kindly bestowed her honorary doctorate.

This award will be complimentary to the Charity’s Research Grants Allocation which is open to all in the specialised field of OI.

Nominations were submitted in October and the Winner was announced on the 18th November 2022.

Trustee Yvonne Grant attended to present our very first of this special award to Nurse Rhian Jones, the 2022 Winner. Also attending the event were Charity CEO Patricia Osborne and Trustee Prof Margaret Smith, the former Dean of the Health Sciences School at Dundee University. Charity Chairman Elaine Healy said, she was “simply thrilled that we have finally put this in place”. Margaret’s name is truly living on and being remembered well!



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